Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. We got up and went to church. The speakers during the sacrament meeting were all from the Wiechedal family. The youngest daughter, then her mother, then the grandmother, and finally the great grandmother. The primary children sang some songs half way through the meeting. Then after that meeting I went to my next meeting, for an hour. After that meeting I went to the third hour priesthood meeting. After church I went home. I made mom dinner. I first  started on making the sesame sauce for the sesame chicken I was making. I made the sauce then I got the chicken covered in eggs. Then I fried the chicken up in the a fry pan. It cooked it up for about ten minutes. Stirring it every few minutes or so. So it didn’t stick to the pan. After it was done cooking I added the sauce to the pan so the chicken was coated. I felt great about finishing the meal. I cooked some frozen veggies. I also cooked up some white rice. I washed dishes between when I stirred the chicken. I got all the dishes washed before I was done with dinner. I set the table while I was cooking the veggies and the rice. I used the china plates and chopsticks. I thought the meal was very good. There were no leftovers of the chicken or rice. I cleaned up the dishes from dinner. I almost got caught up in Marvels Agents of Shield. It has been really good in the last half the first season lots of surprises like how Garret was Hydra. Then we found out that Agent Ward was Hydra. Garret was also the first Deathlock patient. He was patient zero. Then at the end of the last episode I watched Ward dropped Simmons and Fitzs out of the plane that the team calls the bus. Fitzs and Simmons were in a container that Ward dropped into the ocean. I can’t wait to watch the season finale. The show is awesome. I can not believe that NBC is canceling Revolution. It is ridiculous that they would cancel this show it is awesome. I have also been watching The Blacklist with James Spader. It is also a very good show. They hunt down people on the blacklist. This character Raymond Reddington gives a FBI task force targets to chase down. In the last two episodes Reddington is fighting a man called Berlin who is trying to kill Reddington. Last Friday the twenty third of may I went to a bowling ally to play a couple of games of bowling. I did well considering it has been awhile since I have bowled. I got seventy seven points. I got the third highest points over all. Then after a game of bowling we all went and played some arcade games for a little bit. Then we played two games of laser tag. Which were very fun. I did better the first game then I did in the second game. On the board it said my name for the game was Superman. After that I went home. The next day my family went to the pool. The outside water park was now open. I was there for awhile then I left with my mom and my sister Amelia to go shopping. We went to Aldi and Publix. Then we went back to pick my dad and Jeannette up from the pool. After picking them up we went to Kroger and did some more shopping. Then we went home and unpacked the grocieres.



LDS Prom

Last Saturday I got up that morning and my dad took me to the club so I could race at the summer sprints. I got there and took my one man canoe over to the tower side. My boat is yellow on the sides while the bottom is black. My paddle is as tall is as my nose. The blade is twenty three and half inches  wide. This is not the widest blade. The widest blade I know of is twenty six inches. Then I went back to the boat house and got the white two man canoe. Dustin helped me take it over to the tower side. I had a four man canoe race. It was ridiculous. Katylan had me go steer the four man canoe with two lefts and only one other right. So it was a triple left four man canoe. The steering sucked. The race distance was five hundred meters. Then after that I had a one man canoe race. It was a five hundred meter distance as well. I got a two minute eight second five hundred. Then about ten o’clock Micheal and I went in a two man canoe. We had a good race. We finished the race a head of all the women’s two man kayak. Then for lunch my mom brought me lunch. It was pizza from Little Italy’s. It is very good New York style pizza. Then after lunch I had a one man canoe race it was a two hundred meter sprint. Then after that I had another two man canoe race also a two hundred meter sprint. In almost all of my races I Crossed the finish line first the only one I didn’t cross first was in my four man canoe race. I got first place in all of my races. Also Brother McAdams was there to see what it was I did. I talked to him throught out the day. After finishing my races and taking my personal boat back over to the boat house, then taking the two man canoe back over. Then I went home and showered for my date that night. I was taking Katie to the LDS Prom. I was taking her to dinner at the Hilches where Tyler was bringing his date for dinner. I showered, then changed into my suit. Then my dad and I drove to Katie’s house. We got there about five o’clock. We were using the Tacy’s big van. I gave her the corsage flower I had for her. We had some pictures while there at her house. Then we drove to Tyler’s house for dinner. We got there before Tyler got back from getting hos date. Her name is Julia. We sat around for a few minutes talking. Then we had dinner, which was chicken kabobs. Some rice and some cooked onions and bell peppers. After dinner we went and picked up the older girls from the Steve Mulberry’s house. We drove to the Buford community center. Once we got there we walked up the stairs and signed in. We went into the dance area. Katie and I went over to the photo booth. We got the photos then dance for awhile. Then we went outside for some air. Then we came back inside and danced some more. Then we had some pictures taken from a photographer. We had a group shot. It was Katie and I on one side and Tyler and Julia on the other side. After we finished dancing we sat outside for the remainder of the dance. We left the dance about eleven o’clock.

Team Trials

The last week of April I went to Oklahoma City Oklahoma for the United States Team Trials for flat water sprint canoe and kayak. I went over to Micheals house the night before and stayed the night. The next morning Micheal and I were picked up by Mrs. Smith about ten o’clock. We went to the airport it took about and hour and fifteen minutes. We first went to a long term parking to drop off Mrs. Smiths car. After dropping off the car we all got onto a shuttle that took us to the airport. We took Delta out to Oklahoma City. The people on the flight were Mrs. Smith , Micheal, Tommy and me. It was a small plane. It only had two seats on each side of the plane. We left about twelve fifty. We got into the airport and got our luggage. Once we got our luggage we got a taxi van to take us to the rental place where we picked up the fifteen passenger van that we used for the trip. While we were waiting for the paper work to be filled out Micheal, Tommy and I looked at a nineteen fifty five ford truck that was the owners. It was a nice light shade of blue. We got the van and went to the hotel. We were there for about five minutes before Mrs. smith told us that Cluadio wanted us to come to the course for a workout. We got there and Micheal and I went in a two man canoe for the practice. After practice everyone who was there already went to dinner at Golden corral. I had forgot my wallet. So Mr. Sith Dustin’s dad bought my dinner. I paid him back the next morning. In my hotel room Tyler, Dustin, Micheal and I were in a room together. The next day we went to the coarse and practiced for the day. We had Fuzzy’s for lunch. Fuzzy’s is a mexican food place in Oklahoma. That night for dinner we went to Olive garden. I got lasanga for dinner. I also got a little dessert shooter. Then Friday the next day we started races. I had the third race of the day I was racing my one man canoe one thousand meters heat one. I finished second in the heat. Later I raced in the one thousand meters one man canoe final and I finished third. They switched between the thousand meters for the guys and the five hundred meters for the girls. After my final for the one man canoe thousand meters I raced in a two man canoe thousand meters and it was a direct final so Micheal and I only had to race once in a two man canoe thousand meters. We finished third in it. It was fun hanging out with some of the other canoers from the other clubs from around the country. That night we ate at a Texas road house. We had a lot of fun there. It was great. The next day was Saturday and it was the last day of racing. The first race started without a hitch. But after that one of the start gates for the two hundred meter sprints would not go down. So after forty five minutes they got it down and it was now just standing starts. The wind was so bad through out the whole competition. I raced a one man canoe two hundred meter sprint in the second heat and finished second. Later I raced in the final in lane four which was better than lane nine by a lot and I finished third.

Eagle Project

April sixteenth two thousand fourteen- Sixth Day

My mom dropped me off at the club about ten minute after four. Brother Mulberry and Brother McAdam were already there. We got out our tools and walked to the boat. We started by putting bolts on the siding. Brother Mulberry would drill a hole through the railing and the wood every foot or so. Then Brother McAdam and I would put in a bolt and a nut then tighten it. While they did one side of the railing of the boats siding. I ripped some of the roofs supports off of some of the rotting side walls. We got the two front supports up then Ben and Ian helped lift the roof onto the supports we bolted them into the roof then into the sidings. Brother Mulberry also bolted the front railings onto the boat. After that we cleaned up and the project was done. I’m so excited to go to the mormon prom.

Later I am going to practice and we are going to do team boats it is three times eight times forty seconds on twenty seconds off plus one times one thousand meters at eighty five percent. Then we are packing up our boats to load onto the trailer that is going to Oklahoma City for Team Trials later this week. I have my boat cover this time I didn’t forget it in my closet this time. I am going to load my personal boat and my two man canoe with Michael. I am going to work for Brother Hatch tomorrow. I am going to do yard work like spreading mulch and other things like it. I really hate writting this blog. I hope I can get a Eagle Scout board of review sooner then what I have planned so I it just be done and so I can be an Eagle Scout at scout camp. Also that way when my grandma comes we can have the ceremony when she comes into to Dahlonega for Nationals in August.

This past week I have been in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for National Team Trials. I went over to Michaels house on Tuesday after going to Tuesday Church activities. At the church activities we set up accounts on if we did not already have one. If we had one we just tried to remember what it was. I just tried different variations of what I thought it was until I figured it out by trial and error. Then after doing that we played dodge ball. In the last game we played I got hit right in the face. Once the activities were over my dad took me to over to the Olson’s house. When I got there Mrs. Olson was not there yet. Michael and I went upstairs and talked to Johnathan. Michael was showing me their P90 air soft guns when Mrs. Olson came home and came up stairs. We played some games on the abox one. Then went to bed. The room I stayed in downstairs is really quite and dark. I slept until almost eight. When I woke up I thought I had left a light on because in the door frame cracks there was light coming through very brightly. But when I came out of the room I realized that it was the sunlight coming in through the big window down stairs. When I cam upstairs for breakfast Mrs Olson had made blueberry muffins and hard boiled eggs. I also had some cereal. Then about ten forty Mrs Smith came and picked Michael and I up to take us to the airport. TO BE CONTINUED. . .

Eagle Project

December seventh two thousand thirteen- First day

We met at the church building at ten thirty, then drove over to the club. Where the boat wouldn’t start so some of the club members paddled the boat over to the ramp. When we spent time getting the boat on the trailer only to find out that we have the wrong trailer. After that me and the four elders paddled back over to the club. It was pulled by a john boat most of the way. We then tied the boat up the boat and started the work. I had people start taking the seats out and the table. Then taking our the kitchen and the bathroom. While doing this people were taking the garbage and dumping it in one spot to be picked up later. I called the club rep to see what he wanted done at that point, and while I was making the call people were ripping up the carpet and taking out these little black circles on the wood. After finishing my call we removed the roof and the roof supports and put them off to the side. Then we cleaned up the project and put the trash. We all then and had a treat at Dairy Queen. Then Brother McAdams my dad and I took the trailer back to Mrs. Lyndia McCaskill. Then we went home.

December fourteenth two thousand thirteen- Second day

My dad and I drove to the club and met Mr. Smith at ten. We all looked at the boat and the stuff we took off the boat. He had us save the seats, the stove/sink, the tolite, and some anchors. My dad and I moved all these things into the boathouse and put them in the back out of the way. Then about ten forty Brother Tacy, Bryan, Chris, Jay, and Cory came with a trailer and hauled the garbage away.

March eighth two thousand fourteen-Third day

We got there about nine fifteen. We removed the front railings. We unscrewed the front piece of plywood that Mike Mulberry template to cut another front piece. Then we unscrewed and replaced two more full eight by four sheets of plywood. Pete Smith and Jim Throndson removed the control platform. After that we moved the boat out of the way and cleaned up.

March fifteenth two thousand fourteen-Fourth day

I got there about eight twenty, we met Brother Woods there. We unloaded our tools. Then about nine Jay, Chris, and Brother Tacy came. We unscrewed the siding and ripped up the rest of the wood. we got the back compartments off the help of Mr. Smith. We replaced the old boards with new ones. Also the roofs siding and plywood was taken off, so it’s just a frame. The roofs wood is going to ve replaced with a smoky-grey plastic roofing. We got done with it about three. We cleaned up and moved the boat out of the wind.

April second two thousand fourteen-Fifth day

We met at the club about one forty five. Brother Woods and I started gluing down the carpet. We got most of the carpet glued down before we ran out of glue. While we were gluing down the carpet Brother Tacy , Jay, and Tyler were picking up the new roofing at Home Depot. My dad came and got us some more carpet glue. Tyler and Jay glued the rest of the carpet down. Brother Tacy and my dad were putting the roofing onto the frame. Brother Woods and I started putting railings and sidings back onto the boat. We left and were done for the day about six fifteen.

To be continued…

LDS Prom

The church prom is coming up on may tenth.  Tyler and I are going to take our dates to dinner and then head over to the dance. The dance is in Buford. I asked someone from my canoe club. I was very nervous to ask her. My parents keep asking me what her name is. Last week I was in Homosassa, Flordia. I went down with sixteen other athletes. We stay in these villa’s right next to the water. In my villa there was Morgan, Owen and Clay. I had my own room all week. Every morning we got up and were on the water by seven fifteen. Once we got of the water after we finished the workout we had breakfast. Then we had two hours off to relax and rest. Then we got back on the water about ten thirty, practiced. Got off the water and had lunch. Rested for a few more hours. Then got on the water for the final workout of the day. After the finial workout we would get ready for dinner that we had at the local restaurant that is right next to where we were staying. I’m hungry right now. On Wednesday we went to the gulf and went swimming in the gulf. I went fright into the water and cut my foot. It was fun we played a game that was like spoons. I can’t remember what it was called. After that we went into the water and did wave jumping. I was in my canoe two man with my friend Michael. We were doing the workout. It was two thousand meters with forty seconds on forty seconds off. We were about to start the on piece when a manatee popped up right in front of our boat and freaked out and hit us and knocked of our boat. I was a little freaked out my self. Our friends in the other canoe two man took our boat and took it over to the dock. We swam over to the dock, got onto the dock and took a few minutes to collect our selves. We paddled back to the start point and did one more two thousand meters. Then on Friday we had a switch day where canoes got in kayaks and kayakers got into canoes. I got into a four man kayak with Tyler, Michael and Saylor. We went to this area where we could swim and I got out and was swimming around when Morgan said there was a manatee. Me and some others went over and looked at it. It was very big. It was cool swimming with the manatee. Also on Tuesday the moms took us to a nature park where there was a six thousand pound hippo. I also saw some gators. We loaded the boats on Friday before dinner. After dinner we had a talent show. I did juggling. Some guys did a skit about Morgan and the other coach Katlyn. It was pretty funny. On the way back home on Saturday we got stuck in traffic. For lunch we stopped at Steak and Shake. We got home about six. I want to go see Captian America The winter soilder. And also Divergent. I sad that Psych has ended. I hate this blog very much. I am almost done with my Eagle scout project. I am going out this Wednesday with Steve Mulberry and Brother McAdams to finish it. Then I am going to my friend Alex’s wedding reception that night.